On November 11, 2016 a swastika appeared at a Fishtown playground and local parents rushed to get it removed.  Today (November 12th) families drew a window over the hate symbol and added a rainbow of windows over the entire area where the kids play to "let the light in."



If you see a swastika, turn it into a window. If you're feeling lost, angry, threatened, sad, scared, defeated--draw windows to let the light and love in. #letthelightin2016

Help and heal. Please photograph and report all incidents of hate to our local Anti-Defamation League. http://philadelphia.adl.org


Live with compassion and understanding. Empower our children by teaching them civility and respect. 

Location: Shissler Recreation Center, 1800 Blair Street, Philadelphia, PA 19125

Local parent group: Fishtown Mamas